Service name

Licensing of heat supply.


Service recipients

Individuals for non-business purposes; Legal entities for business purposes; Individuals for business purposes.


Service type: Electronic/non-electronic service

Non-electronic service.


Link to e-service (if the service is electronic)



Reference to Application form (s) (if the service is not electronic)

The application form is established.


Duration of service provision

The licence shall be issued for an indefinite period within 30 days of receipt of the request. The time limit shall be calculated on the date of receipt of all or additional (revised) documents.



Service Price

State levy for the issuance of the licence 376 Eur.


Methods and procedures for payment for the service (including payment option for foreigners)

Toll Taker – State Tax Inspectorate at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania (in. K. 188659752), Bank of the beneficiary-AB Bank, Swedbank, code 73000, Account No. LT247300010112394300, State toll code 53023, the purpose of the deposit – for The issuance of an energy licence.


Description of the service delivery process

When making a request from an interest, the verification of the legal entity, the proof of registration and other details of its registration on the website of the registry manager of the legal entities shall verify whether the application is correctly completed or the legal person Submitted all the documents. If the documents received are not compliant or the information provided is insufficient, the applicant shall be informed of the deficiencies and how to rectify them. The application shall be recorded on the day of receipt.


Information and documents to be provided by the person

1. The application

2. Copy of the company registration certificate

3. Copies of the company's statutes or other corresponding instruments of incorporation

4. Obligation to fulfil the conditions of the licensed activity

5. A list of the licences and statutory authorisations of the person concerned in the heat sector.

6. Documents certifying the ownership or lawful management of heat generation installations and/or heat transmission networks.

7. The Performance audit report and the balance sheet of the legal entity for the last 2 years (if the enterprise has been operating for less than 2 years, over the last year) (this requirement does not apply to undertakings that did not carry out the filing activities)

8. A copy of the certificate of operation/maintenance of heat installations issued by the State Energy Inspectorate to the Ministry of Energy.

9. Payment order with bank markings or a receipt stating that the amount paid by the state levy (presented after the decision to issue the licence has been issued).


Service Provider Contact information (employee responsible, name, email, phone number)

Specialist Ugnė Šunokienė,

Phone 8 441 79 221,

Email ugne.sunokiene@silute.lt


Appeal procedure for the service provider's action/omission

Action (omission) can be appealed in accordance with the procedure laid down by the Law on the legal Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania for the Regional District Administrative Court of Klaipeda Chamber of (Galinio Pylimo g. 9, Klaipėda).


Contacts of organisations which may provide the necessary information or practical assistance to users (if known about such organisations)