Service name

Permits for organising events serps


Service recipients

Natural and legal persons.


Service type: Electronic/non-electronic service

Non-electronic service.


Link to e-service (if the service is electronic)



Reference to Application form (s) (if the service is not electronic)

The application form is established.


Duration of service provision

The organizers of the events must contact the municipality of Šilutė at least 1 month before the date of organisation of the event and not earlier than 3 months. The authorisation to organise the event shall be issued within 10 working days from the date of the request.


Service Price

1 day-29 euro. For the organisation of commercial events, the local toll is set up (2014-11-27 Municipal Council decision T1-2320).


Methods and procedures for payment for the service (including payment option for foreigners)

Toll recipient – The administration of Šilutė district municipality (in. K. 188723322), the beneficiary's bank AB Šiaulių Bankas, Account No. LT96 7180 7000 0113 0900, deposit code 53688, deposit name – Local toll for the admission of commercial events Issuing.


Description of the service delivery process

Passes (corresponding to the order of the administrative Director) the organisation of events is issued in accordance with decision no T1-2320 of Šilutė district Municipality council 2014-11-27 on the local toll for the organisation of commercial events The establishment of municipal or manager-owned public use areas '.


Information and documents to be provided by the person

The event organizer provides:         

1. A request stating the form of the event and its content (adds a program), the event date, its start and end time, the location of the event, the expected number of participants. The application must be accompanied by coordination with the Police Commissioner on the maintenance of public order.

2. The written consent of the owner or administrator of the territory in which the event takes place (if the territory belongs to the municipality, such consent is not required).

3. A payment order with bank markings or a receipt confirming that the paid local toll


Service Provider Contact information (employee responsible, name, email, phone number)

Specialist Ugnė Šunokienė, Phone 8 441 79 221, Email ugne.sunokiene@silute.lt


Appeal procedure for the service provider's action/omission

Action (omission) can be appealed in accordance with the procedure laid down by the Law on the legal Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania for the Regional District Administrative Court of Klaipeda Chamber of (Galinio Pylimo g. 9, Klaipėda).


Contacts of organisations which may provide the necessary information or practical assistance to users (if known about such organisations)

Head of Unit Stanislova Dilertienė,           

Phone  8 441 79 202,

Email  stase.dilertiene@silute.lt