Form of administrative Services data submitted by the competent authority



Service name

The granting of licences for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages.


Service recipients

Company, a European legal entity or its branch.


Service type: Electronic/non-electronic service

Non-electronic service.


Link to e-service (if the service is electronic)



Reference to Application form (s) (if the service is not electronic)

The application form established.


Duration of service provision

The licence shall be issued within 30 calendar days of receipt of the documents required for issuing the licence. If not all documents are submitted, the time limit shall be calculated from the date of submission of all documents (this period is not readable by the period within which the company, the European legal person or its branch submits additional or revised documents.


Service Price

The state fee for issuing the licence is Eur 490.


Methods and procedures for payment for the service (including payment option for foreigners)

Toll recipient –  Valstybinė mokesčių inspekcija prie Lietuvos Respublikos finansų ministerijos (Company code 188659752), Bank of the beneficiary AB Swedbank, Account No. LT24 7300 0101 1239 4300, deposit code 52388, deposit name –  valstybės rinkliava už licencijos verstis mažmenine prekyba alkoholiniais gėrimais išdavimą.


Description of the service delivery process

Licences shall be issued under the Law on Alcohol control of the Republic of Lithuania, 1995, no 44-1073, on 20 May 2004 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. Resolution No. 618 on the rules for the licensing of wholesale and retail trade in alcohol products and on the approval of the rules for retail sale of alcoholic beverages in trade and catering enterprises ('), 2004, no 84-3050 '.


Information and documents to be provided by the person

The following documents shall be submitted for the licence:

1. A request specifying the following data: Company name, legal form, code, Office, telephone number, e-mail address (if the company has it), founders, managers, names and personal codes of the company, name and code of the legal entity, and The seat (indicated where the founder of the Enterprise is a legal person), the type of licence, the time of the trade in alcoholic beverages, the place (its address and name), the method of selling alcoholic beverages, the type of business (trade or public And the addresses of the warehouses where the alcoholic beverages will be stored and from which they will be distributed.

2. A copy of the certificate of the State Enterprise Registry Centre (extract from the Register of immovable property) on the legal registration of the building/premises where the commercial or catering activity takes place.

3. Recognition of the Temporary trade Pavilion (Kiosko) that the temporary structure was built on the basis of a coordinated project (if the activity is carried out in a non-stationary building).

4. A copy of the contract on the basis of which the premises for the sale of alcoholic beverages are used, if the trading venue is outside the premises owned by the undertaking.

5. The meeting of the owners of the apartment dwellings (the board) or, if this community is not established or the community manages more than one apartment dwelling, the owners of the dwellings in the residential house and the majority of unprivatised apartments tenants Consent (in which the signatories may indicate the time of trade in alcoholic beverages) if the alcoholic beverages are to be traded in a residential house. This consent shall not be given if, prior to that establishment in the same dwelling place, the undertaking in the same premises had a licence to carry out the retail sale of alcoholic beverages and no reasonable complaints were received from the residents of the residential house during the period of validity of the licence, Neither the working time of the company nor the selling method of alcoholic beverages change. This provision shall not apply where, before the application for a new licence, alcoholic beverages have not been marketed for more than one year.

6. Statement by the centre of Registers of the State enterprise on owners of residential premises and a certificate from the administrator of an apartment dwelling on non-privatised apartments tenants, if the venue is located in a residential house. The certificate must be issued no earlier than 15 days before the licence application is lodged.

7. A document (extract from the cash book or cash register voucher of the undertaking which has been preceded by an indication of the entry for alcoholic beverages sold or an invoice containing alcoholic beverages, or other) or a copy thereof, proving that The marketing of alcoholic beverages has not been discontinued for a period of more than one year before the date of application for a new licence for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages, in a store in a residential building or a catering establishment. Shall be provided where the licence for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages is issued on this trading venue more than one year after the submission of the application for a new licence.

8. A copy of the registration certificate of the vehicle in which the shop is located (presented in the case of a licence for the retail sale of beer, mixtures of beers with non-alcoholic beverages, natural fermentation cider with a volumetric ethyl The alcoholic strength shall not exceed 8.5 per cent, to be issued to the undertaking specified in the commercial vehicle shop.

9. A copy of the certificate of approval of the food business operator which has been issued in accordance with the legislation, certified by the stamp of the undertaking (if it must hold it) and by a signature of the supervisor.

10. Payment order with bank markings or a receipt stating that the state levy paid (when the decision to issue the licence has been issued) is determined.


Service Provider Contact information (employee responsible, name, email, phone number)

Specialist Ugnė Šunokienė, Phone 8 441 79 221,

Email -


Appeal procedure for the service provider's action/omission

Action (omission) may be appealed in accordance with the procedure laid down by the Law on the legal Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania for the Regional District Administrative Court of Klaipėda chambers ( Galinio Pylimo g. 9, Klaipėda).



Contacts of organisations which may provide the necessary information or practical assistance to users (if known about such organisations)

Drug, tobacco and Alcohol control department

Phone 8 706 68090